Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Logic Gates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Logic Gates - Essay Example NAND Gate states that output X is TRUE or 1 if and only if any one of the inputs is FALSE (0) or both are FALSE else it’s TRUE (ITL Education Solutions Limited, 2011). Truth table for X = NOT A AND B is- Boolean algebra can be stated as a mathematical logic or a subarea of algebra. There are certain theorems included in this Boolean algebra that are utilized in solving mathematical operations. The truth values or values for variables used in this algebra are represented as 0 and 1. These numerical figures basically denote False and Truth respectively. In this type of elementary algebra variable values are represented as numbers. The main operations of Boolean algebra are denoted as conjunction, negation and disjunction. It is a formal structure to describe wide set of logical relations. Boolean algebra plays a critical role in structuring modern programming languages. The different laws of Boolean algebra have been given in figure 1. A Boolean function can be defined as a function ‘f’ associated with Cartesian product xn {0, 1} to {0, 1} (Khanna, 2008). An example comprising of Boolean function and Boolean algebra is given

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